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Pro Plan® All Ages Sport Performance 30/20 Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food: 5 out of 5“I had my two German Shorthaired Pointers on a grain free sport diet but with all the issues surrounding grain free diets and heart issues I decided to switch. Purina was the ONLY food comparable in high protein/fat for my working hunting dogs. My dogs made the transition well (no GI upset) and love the food. I'm very happy with this product in terms of nutritional needs, price and availability. I would highly recommend this for owners with working dogs!”
— - Life With Shorthairs
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Fancy Feast® Savoury Cravings™ Salmon Flavour Cat Treats: 5 out of 5“If you love your fur babies and want to bring a smile to their little faces get them these new Fancy Feast Savoury Cravings Cat Treats. They'll love you for it trust me!!”
— - Crystal V.

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We shape the future of Health and Wellbeing for pets & people through three simple pursuits.

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Pets Are Our Passion

We are connecting pets and people. We are building strong communities. We are shaping a better world.

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Whether you have a dog, cat or both, our experts are here with all the information and tips you need. We use our Purina experts to cover topics like dog and cat health, nutrition, behavior, training and more.

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Whether you have a question or are searching for tips, we’re committed to providing the answers you need to continue living your best life together.

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Kitten food is specially formulated to meet your kitten’s unique nutritional needs. Learn when to make the switch from kitten to adult wet and dry cat food.
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