How to Exercise Your Cat

Exercise Cat Hero

A regular exercise program should go hand-in-hand with diet to help an obese cat lose weight. Here are some suggested activities to help her trim down, and contribute to your cat’s general health and happiness. Besides obvious health benefits, exercising your cat is a great way for you to play together and have some fun.

Here are some suggestions to get your cat active:

  • Wake your cat in the morning. Unless she’s hungry, your cat may sleep in. Use her toys to wake her up.
  • Put some distance between your cat and her food. If you leave dry food out, put it in a room apart from where your cat sleeps. The walk provides some exercise and you can put toys along the way to encourage additional activity.
  • Get your cat to run. Even if it’s only back to her chair, encourage quick movements with a clap, car keys or rattling paper.
  • Pamper your cat into a playful mood. When she just isn’t in the mood to play, boost her spirits with a brushing.
  • Reintroduce favourite games you once played with your cat.
  • Leave safe toys out to encourage your cat to play on her own. This is important if you are away from home much of the day.
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