Why is My Puppy Eating Poop?

Eating Poop Hero

Coprophagy continues to be a problem that is not fully understood. It is seen in dogs of any age (but most commonly growing pups) on any diet, so it doesn’t appear to be diet related. So why is your puppy eating poop?

This habit frequently starts in the winter, when droppings are frozen. Two of the current theories concerning this are that it develops in bored dogs or by observing another dog with this habit. Prevention or treatment of this problem could be difficult. One suggestion might be to provide adequate exercise and attention to help prevent boredom, another to ask your veterinarian for a product which might be added to the diet to give the stools a bad odour or taste. Cleaning up as soon as possible after the dog is also recommended. Make sure you’re feeding your puppy good-quality puppy food that has been formulated for his life stage and energy level. 

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