Turn an everyday moment into fun with your dog’s favourite savoury snack, that’ll keep their tails waggin’. Made with real bacon and no artificial flavours, Beggin’® will bring out the uncontainable excitement in your dog.

Each Beggin’® Strips dog treat is made with real bacon and is sure to unleash a good time with your dog. Choose from Bacon, Bacon & Cheese, Bacon & Beef and Cheeseburger flavours in regular strips. Looking for something a little more smoky? Try the Hickory Smoked Thick Cut Beggin’® treats. Does your pooch enjoy unexpected flavours? Beggin’® Collisions might be the treat for your bacon-loving pooch – each strip starts with the taste of bacon and collides with the unexpected flavour of peanut butter. We didn’t forget about the little bacon hounds in your life either – Beggin’® Mini are the perfect size for your little guy.

Pick a flavour, pick a size and get ready for hilarity to ensue!

*Collisions uses artificial flavours for Peanut Butter flavour