Health Benefits

Cats and dogs provide an array of mental and physical health benefits. And with today’s advanced training programs, they can learn to assist with therapy, detect emergency situations, and more. Just another reason why we believe that pets and people are better together.

World Sleep Day: Snoozing With Your Dog or Cat

We share our lives with our pets, and sometimes even our beds! Purina Canada conducted a survey to see just how Canadians and their pets are sleeping.

How Pets Can Transform the Lives of Autistic Children

From boosting confidence to promoting social understanding, bringing pets into children’s lives can make a difference.

Detecting Seizures

Read stories the amazing stories of the moment pet’s knew their owners were about to have seizures and the amazing lengths they went to warn them.

Learn About the Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy

A closer look into the real affects a pet may have on you or your child during therapy sessions.

Dogs Can Increase Our Happiness And Well-Being

Learn more about the undeniable evidence that shows just how much pets can help owners mental and emotion state.

Pet Ownership Could Mean Fewer Visits to The Doctor

Research shows us many emotional benefits of owning a pet, but did you know it can also impact your physical health?