Bringing a pet into the office is a great way to keep moods up and stress down. In fact, we like it so much we’re creating a movement! Get tips, etiquette, and inspirational stories that will help make your workplace pet-friendly – and don’t forget to share your photos.

Bringing your pet to work comes with its own unique set of rules and responsibilities. From allergies to behavioural etiquette, make sure to consider the needs of your pet and your work colleagues before introducing pet into the office.

Bringing your pet to work for the first time involves dealing with building management, legal documents, and basic preparation. We’ll guide you through each step as you get started.

Enjoy stories from other pet owners who are taking advantage of the #PetsAtWork movement! We hope they will inspire you to try it yourself. We’d love you to share your favourite stories, too.

From relieving stress to increased activity level, there is lots of evidence that helps us better understand the true impact a Pets at Work programme can have on a workplace.

Pet lovers all over Canada are showing us how cats and dogs are positively impacting their workplace environments. Check out with the latest news and articles about our Pets@Work movement and find out how you can take part.