Bringing your pet to work comes with its own unique set of rules and responsibilities. From allergies to behavioural etiquette, make sure to consider the needs of your pet and your work colleagues before introducing pet into the office.

Pets at Work: Pet Behaviour 101

Initiating a Pet’s at Work programme means you need to be well equipped for any and every type of situation that comes with the terriority of having a pet-friendlty environment such as a barking dog or commuting with your pet.

Designating “Pet- Free Zones”

How to designate spaces for pet-specific areas including leash-free zones and pet-free spaces such as food prep areas and fitness centres.

Supplies & Treats

Learn about what supplies should be available for pets and how to keep them happy with work-appropriate toys and treats - in moderation!

How to Handle Pets At Work Accidents and Emergencies

Medical emergencies and little accidents come with the pet-owner terriroty – see how you can prepare for these situations.

Allergy Considerations with a Pets at Work Program

There are many ways a pet-friendly workplace can handle employee and non-employee allergies – from keeping pet designated areas to frequent grooming.

Pets At Work Considerations

From etiquette to policies, here’s what you should consider before getting started.