Getting Started

Bringing your pet to work for the first time involves dealing with building management, legal documents, and basic preparation. We’ll guide you through each step as you get started.

Get Your Employees Onboard

If you’re a manager, use these 3 simple steps to getting your employees excited about a pet friendly office.

Get Your Boss Onboard

Steps and a conversation guide to help you get your boss on board.

3 Etiquette Rules for Bringing Pets to Work

Our Etiquette Guide will help guide you through a successful Pet at Work programme to ensure everyone is happy, pets included!

5 Steps to Starting a Pets At Work Program

Learn about establishing guidelines and facilities for your workplace, as well as providing proper space, leash- free zones, treats and more.

Pets At Work Starter Kit

Kick-off a successful Pets at Work programme with our Starter Kit, which includes printable materials such as etiquette guidelines, signs and more.

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