Pets At Work in Action

Enjoy stories from other pet owners who are taking advantage of the #PetsAtWork movement! We hope they will inspire you to try it yourself. We’d love you to share your favourite stories, too.

A #petsatwork Makeover

In honor of this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day, the passionate pet lovers at Purina Canada decided to celebrate by providing a pet-friendly makeover to a deserving office.

Open Letter from Gordon Wade

An open letter from Gordon Wade at Purina on why we choose to make dogs a part of our lives everyday and anyway possible.

Ibex: a Dog-Friendly Clothing Company

There was never any question about whether or not Ibex was going to be dog-friendly. "From day one, we’ve always had pets in the office," Anderson explains. "I remember when it was just three people, the owner had his dog in the office, and it just grew from there."

At R+M, It Takes a Village to Raise a Pet

From reducing stress-levels to raising productivity, R+M agency even allows clients to bring their pets to the office.

A Special Bond: Terry and Crumpet

Pet’s at Work has a huge impact on this special relationship. Terry believes it’s Crumpet who helps her deal with work stresses and do a better job.

An Adventuresome Pair: Evan and Arthur

Having a Pets at Work programme has many benefits, see how it has affected this duo from a more active lifestyle to spending more quality time to tighten their bond.

Caitlin Gets to Bring Her Favourite Hiking Buddy to Work

Vaida is the first Ibex dog that has hung out in the warehouse – and she’s adapted just fine. She has no problem spending the whole day napping, playing with toys and giving warm greetings to all the deliverymen.

Sevnthsin: Overcoming A "No Pets Allowed" Policy

This creative agency tells us their story, and provides a list of top 3 things to consider when you’re initiating a pet-friendly office environment.