Commitment to Pet Welfare

Helping Pets, Helping Communities

Creating a Better World for Pets and Humans Alike

The world of pet welfare and pet cause goes far beyond shelter walls and into rethinking what we can do to create a better world for pets and the people who love them. As a company guided by a passion for pets, we’re committed to using our scale to do more than just donate. We want to work shoulder to shoulder with pet welfare experts, to inspire pet lovers to get more involved, to change perceptions of shelter pets and to create more powerful bonds between pets and people.

Nestlé Purina Canada is proud to support registered animal rescue and education organizations, large and small, across the country; including SPCAs, community leash-free parks, and rescue groups in remote communities in Canada.

As a company largely made up of pet owners, we believe that pets and people are better together.

We aim to help to the pets (and people) that live in our local communities. Nestlé Purina has a long history of giving to the United Way in these communities.

“For over 12 years, Nestlé Purina has been an outstanding corporate supporter of United Way Centraide across Canada and has raised over $1 million. In addition to a generous corporate gift, Nestlé Purina employees collectively donate their time, talent and resources to run an inspiring campaign each fall to help support the communities where they live and work. Thank you Nestlé Purina – together we are moving people from poverty to possibility, helping kids be all that they can be and building strong communities. Together, we are possibility. “

– Meredith Burke, Manager, Resource Development, United Way of Peel Region

What We Do For Pet Welfare and Pet Cause


As complete and balanced, high quality pet food is our biggest focus, it only makes sense that we would use it to feed shelter pets across the nation, giving them the nutrition they need to be healthy for their future families. We’ve invested over 30 million in pet welfare and pet communities across the North America, with 13 million alone in pet food and litter donations.


Did you know that less than a quarter of people thinking about getting a cat or dog consider visiting a shelter or rescue organization? That’s because communications surrounding shelter pets often paint them as abused and unhealthy, while portraying shelters as dismal, dirty places. These images don’t do justice to the innovative shelters full of caring people and lovable pets that we work with every day. That’s why we are working with shelter groups to build awareness of adoptable cats as part of the PawsWay® Friskies® Playhouse.


Part of advancing the pet welfare cause is inspiring different organizations to work together to utilize all of their strengths and help more pets find homes. That’s why we work hard to help large and small organizations alike connect and share their wisdom, and to help members of different communities gain easier access to the pets that will change their lives.


We encourage people to adopt by sharing the many ways pets benefit our lives and exposing new ways for passionate people to lend a hand to their local pet welfare organizations.

Get to Know Our Many Pet Welfare Programs


PawsWay is a Purina Canada initiative, a unique pet centre located at 245 Queens Quay West, at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre. PawsWay is dedicated to the understanding and celebration of pets. It’s the first place in the world where pets, owners, and pet lovers can come together to enjoy pet education, training classes, expert advice, special events and more. General admission is free. PawsWay’s mission is to promote the well-being of pets and encourage responsible pet care. It offers a pet-friendly, entertaining, and engaging environment where pet owners, those considering adding a cat or dog to their home, pet professionals, and anyone interested in pets can explore permanent exhibits, attend special events, participate in themed programming, and discover the world of dogs and cats.

The Friskies Playhouse at PawsWay officially launched in April 2014, with key partner, the Toronto Humane Society (THS) and a few other smaller rescue organizations. Each week, adoptable cats take up temporary residence in the Friskies Playhouse. Stealing the spotlight on PawsWay’s main floor, the cats live in a spacious, fully enclosed playhouse filled with interactive enrichment activities. Since its opening, we have found homes for many cats and kittens. Our PawsWay staff are also trained and certified to screen, interview and approve adoptions, through the rescue group that we work with.


Project Pet Slim Down

With more than half of dogs and cats in the North America overweight, innovative programs like Purina’s Project: Pet Slim Down has been designed to include pets in families’ health and wellness activities. Pets at a healthy weight enjoy happier lives, and this online program encourages pet owners to work with their veterinarian to help their pets reach their ideal weight and body condition. Many pet owners have discovered they, too, can enjoy the benefits of being more active with their pet, from walking the dog to playing fetch or constructing a simple obstacle course.

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Commitment to Pet Welfare

Passion for Pets

At Nestlé Purina PetCare, we are committed to helping pets live longer, happier and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care. We have a fundamental responsibility to provide safe, palatable and nutritious products made to the highest standards of quality and safety. We understand and share the strong feelings of love and respect pet owners develop for their pets, because most of us are pet owners, too. Therefore, at Nestlé Purina PetCare, the welfare of dogs and cats is our top priority and a responsibility we will not compromise.


Care of Dogs and Cats at Pet Care Centres

Nestlé Purina PetCare maintains Pet Care Development Centres to better understand the natural preferences, nutritional needs and related behaviours of dogs and cats. All our pets have names, are given individual attention, and are treated with respect and affection by a well-trained and caring staff. Socialization and daily interaction are part of our enrichment programs, which include training, group play and access to toys.

Nutrition and Care Studies involving Cats and Dogs

Nestlé Purina PetCare is committed to making foods that dogs and cats enjoy, while providing nutrition that enhances their health and well-being. Studies conducted by or for Nestlé Purina PetCare contribute knowledge that leads to improvements in the health and welfare of dogs and cats throughout the world. Nestlé Purina PetCare conducts only those procedures that are appropriate for use with pet dogs and cats and that are consistent with excellence in veterinary care. We do not participate in any invasive research that causes injury, illness or disease or that results in euthanasia of dogs or cats.

Can you make a donation or sponsor my organization/rescue shelter?

Donation Inquiries? Please contact us and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate department for consideration.