Our Vision & Values


We are a leader in the pet care industry, whose vision is to be the world’s most trusted Company in Enriching the Lives of Pets and the People Who Love Them.

Our Vision represents the fulfillment of shared goals, and as a team we move this Vision closer to becoming a reality every day.

Help us achieve our Vision. We’re always looking for people who share our core values: the standards of behavior that we individually and collectively embrace and live by and that unite us as a team.

Our Values

Purina has five core values

  • Passion – Everything we do is driven by our passion for, and belief in, the bond between pets and people.
  • Expertise – The core of our expertise is pet nutrition – we strive daily to expand knowledge in that, and all other aspects of the business.
  • Innovation – We push ourselves to discover new ways to deliver real and tangible benefits.
  • Partnership – We build strong partnerships with veterinarians, breeders, shelters, academia and other key communities because working together delivers greater impact.
  • Integrity – We care about doing what’s right and what’s good for pets, people and the planet.

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