Transportation and Distribution

We look for the most efficient way to deliver our products to consumers and their pets.

Here are a few ways we’re taking steps to optimize the environmental impact of transportation:

  • We began a pilot program with UPS in 2014 to help offset greenhouse gas emissions from the small package delivery of product from our e-commerce and veterinary businesses in the U.S. In its first month, the carbon neutral shipping program offset the equivalent of approximately 224 metric tons of carbon dioxide (MT CO2e) emissions.


  • We are reducing our carbon impact in the U.S. by using SmartWay® vendors who are continuously improving their efficiency. More than 93 percent of Nestlé Purina’s U.S. domestic products by spend are shipped by carriers that are members of the EPA’s SmartWay energy efficient transportation program. SmartWay partners, including those who transport Nestlé Purina’s U.S. products, have saved 121 million barrels of oil since 2004. This is equivalent to taking more than 10 million cars off the road annually.


Slip sheets – thin, pallet-sized sheets – are used where possible in place of wooden pallets for U.S. shipments. This reduces the weight of loads, allowing more product weight per truckload and potentially reducing the number of trucks on the road. Use of slip sheets eliminates the need for one in 20 trucks as well as the need to transport pallets back and forth. In addition, the slip sheets can be recycled.