Environmental Sustainability

Our sustainability efforts encompass the full life cycle of our products. This means everything from sourcing ingredients responsibly to using energy, water and raw materials most efficiently, to using protective and increasingly recyclable packaging while optimizing the amount of materials used, to transporting products using highly efficient methods.

We look for the most efficient way to deliver our products to consumers and their pets. Here are a few ways we’re taking steps to optimize the environmental impact of transportation.

We use renewable energy at a number of sites to supplement our power mix.

Our ambition is to achieve zero waste to landfill by 2020.

We’ve achieved substantial improvements in water efficiency over the last decade.

The Nestlé Supplier Code is at the heart of every business relationship with our suppliers. It sets out the non-negotiable minimum standards that we require our suppliers, and their suppliers and their suppliers throughout the supply chain to respect and implement.

Environmental sustainability is a responsibility and an opportunity to create value in how we operate, how we provide value for our consumers and how we contribute to society.