All of our dog and cat food recipes are cooked with the nutritious ingredients that work together to support your pet’s health, including high-quality proteins and grains. Almost all of our pet foods sold in Canada are prepared and packed by Purina’s own people here in North America (99% to be exact). At Purina, we’re pet people too!



Whatever your dog’s unique nutritional needs, you’ll find a big selection of high-quality dry and wet dog food brands for all budgets from Purina – as well as delicious dog treats (including dental snacks that help reduce tartar buildup!). Our dog foods are nutritionally balanced for your dog’s age from puppy to senior, and perfect for your small, medium or large breed. Your dog will love the taste of our food made with real protein, like salmon, lamb, chicken and beef. Look-out for our new natural and grain-free options! Does your dog have specialized needs? Our premium pet food can promote a healthy skin and coat, help maintain a healthy weight, support gastrointestinal health, and even nourish your dog’s mind as he ages.



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