Research & Science

Our passion for pet care is what makes us a global leader in pet nutrition research. We have over 500 scientists, nutritionists and veterinarians on our team, working worldwide to advance pet nutrition.

Our experts exhaustively study every area of pet health, including their happiness and physical fitness, in order to help give pets better lives. We share our knowledge by publishing our work in top-tier academic journals and present at major veterinary conferences.

When it comes to gaining a comprehensive knowledge of discoveries that can improve pets' lives, we think it's important to go beyond your own walls. That's why we partner with research organizations, from universities to health care foundations, and fund their most innovative research.

The more we discover about a pet's physiology, the more we can unlock the clues to giving them long, healthy lives. Here are our top areas of focus.

From associates including researchers, pet nutrition experts, behaviourists and veterinarians, learn more about our culture of discovery.