Understanding Pet Food Labels

Our pet food ingredients, packaging and labels are designed to reflect the results and outcomes we see in real pets. Get the facts from Purina on commonly asked about pet food ingredients.

Preservatives are included in both human and pet foods to protect nutrients from damage and to ensure the food provides safe and wholesome nutrition throughout its shelf-life.The preservatives used in Purina® pet foods are the same ones approved by the FDA for use in human foods.

Learn more about why we stand behind our decision to include corn in the majority of our dog foods.

Diets containing grain are highly digestable, provide excellent nutrition, and are unlilkely to cause allergies.

Gastrointestinal problems associated with gluten are rare in dogs. Gluten is an excellent source of high-quality protein.

The word “digest” in “animal digest” refers to the process used to produce it, rather than the ingredient itself.

Animal by-products are an excellent source of protein and other nutrients and can be more nutritious than meat alone.

Pet food labels can be confusing – use our guide to help you get started in making informed decisions when selecting the food that’s right for your pet.