A Culture of Discovery

Innovation drives everything we do at our Pet Care Center, where our feeding studies help to develop a better understanding of the natural preferences, nutritional needs and behaviours of dogs and cats. Our trained and caring staff treat our dogs and cats with respect and affection, because most of us are pet owners, too.

At Purina, our passion for pets is helping dogs and cats stay happy and healthy throughout their long, healthy lives.

Purina Pet Care Center – One of Our Innovation Hubs

At our state-of-the-art research facility in Missouri, we have more than 100 associates, including researchers, pet nutrition experts, behaviourists and veterinarians, hard at work on tomorrow’s discoveries. From studying more efficient ways to make our foods to understanding how nutrition can support health to examining how different ingredients could better the lives of pets overall, there’s no limit to what they’re focusing their lenses on.

“The discoveries at our Pet Care Center lead to nutritional benefits that have a positive impact on the health and welfare of dogs and cats throughout the world.”

– Mark Roos, Director of Global Nutrition and Technical Communications


You may be wondering what the resident pets are like in our Pet Care Center, and what goes on in a day in their life. Our pets participate in feeding studies, including palatability and digestibility, to help ensure our foods are as nutritious as they are great-tasting.  All of our pets have names, enjoy comfortable living quarters and get plenty of play and love from our staff. We do not participate in any invasive research, and we conduct only those procedures that are consistent with excellence in veterinary care.  We love pets, and everything we do is designed to give them a happy and fulfilling life.

Ensuring that our pets are happy also helps promote more accurate results. That’s because simple stress often changes the outcomes of a,study, and even a modest change in temperature or noise-level can throw off results.
As Mark Roos, leader of the Global Nutrition and Technical Communications group, explains, “We like to have a setting where it’s like a pet in the home, where the pet is content. We have an extensive socialization program and a setting that’s a good representation of what it would be like in the home.”
“You’d be surprised,” he continues. “Within our Pet Care Center, we  have observed that when we move cats from one room to another, they may exhibit some signs of mild stress.. Any stress could influence the body, such as the digestive system and the way a pet reacts to food. So our caregivers work to reduce the stress they may encounter and keep our pets comfortable in their environment.”


We believe that pet food with excellent nutrition is only good if pets love eating it, and if their bodies can digest it. That’s why we go beyond formulating our products for how they’ll look on the label, and conduct feeding studies to make sure that our foods are delicious and digestible for pets, and that owners like feeding them just as much as pets like eating them.

Our feeding studies also help us understand how our foods affect a pet’s physiology. Our research portfolio includes our ground-breaking Life-Span Study, that showed a lifetime of proper feeding could extend a dog’s healthy years.