Delicious & Digestible

More Delicious + More Digestible = Nutrition That Does More

It’s our goal to make products that your pet wants to eat, and to make sure they’re easily digestible. That’s because we know that industry-leading nutrition is pointless if pets don’t enjoy eating it, and even more pointless if it’s hard to digest and can’t go to work in your pet. If a cat turns her nose up at our food, or a dog finds it uncomfortable on his system, we go straight back to the drawing board. It’s this standard that has driven us to become the best-in-class pet food company when it comes to nutrition that does more.

Signs Your Pet Is Thriving

  • Your pet eats eagerly
  • Your pet has a healthy level of energy
  • Your pet has a shiny coat, smooth skin and bright eyes
  • Your pet has clean, strong teeth and fresh breath