Quality Assurance Practices

What is Quality Assurance and What Does it Mean for Your Pet’s Food?

Quality assurance is a series of standards and processes put in place to ensure that a product is safe, well-made, high in quality and consistent in its properties. It’s what we do to ensure that when you bring a cat food or dog food home, it’s safe to eat and made with ingredients that live up to our high standards. Beyond that, it ensures the consistency of our pet foods, so that every item will have the flavour your pet has come to love.

Many quality assurance practices are industry-wide, like meeting or exceeding AAFCO standards. Purina goes above and beyond those requirements. We’re constantly working to elevate our ability to track and monitor every single ingredient in our food, and all of the processes that go into manufacturing them and bringing them to the store. The more comprehensive we can be, the more we can guarantee that our pet foods are fresh and safe for your pet. Why does Purina go beyond industry standards? If you ask anyone who works in quality assurance here, they’ll tell you the same thing – we do all this because it’s the right thing to do.

“We can choose to do what’s easy and cheap or we can choose what we actually do, which is put high quality ingredients and the best people and the best processes together to make what we feel is the best product for our consumers.”

– Dan, Pilot Plant

Purina’s Approach to Quality Assurance

We have four main values that are the pillars that our quality assurance processes are built on.


We believe that the best way to ensure high quality is to hire the brightest, smartest experts in the field to fine tune all of our processes. While many companies have a small team ensuring quality, we have more than 30 experts working every day to make sure our methods are absolutely state-of-the-art. Beyond that, we employ the most passionate, hardworking people in all of our factories, and we invest a lot of time and effort into training them to be as educated, comprehensive and safe as possible. We even go beyond our employees, training select retail partners to handle our products with proper care.


We believe in supplementing our quality practices with leading-edge technology where appropriate. Purina is expanding the use of technology to further screen ingredients for purity and we strive to know where and who our ingredients are coming from. All our raw ingredients are tracked from the time of receipt at our plants, through their inclusion in finished products and on to our customers, and we are working to implement tracking systems that establish a chain of custody back to the ingredient origin.


One misconception about pet food is that smaller companies generally have higher quality food. In fact, smaller companies often have a smaller quality assurance staff, and don’t make their products in their own factories, meaning it’s harder for them to comprehensively track the quality of their ingredients and processes. At Purina, 99% of Purina brand products sold in North America are manufactured in our own factories, under the guidance of our large quality assurance staff. We also use proprietary machinery made possible by our large team of Purina researchers, who are always engineering smarter tools and more efficient processes.


 We don’t stop at being able to check off priorities on our own list, or at passing industry standards. It’s our goal to ensure peace of mind for all pet owners that feed Purina products. That means we work hard to gain pet owners’ trust, and keep it for the many years they enjoy with their pets. Beyond that, we also work to help pet owners understand how best to feed a product when it’s fresh, and feed their pets according to their needs.