The Facts About Animal Digest in Pet Food

The word “digest” in “animal digest” refers to the process used to produce it, rather than the ingredient itself.


  • The process starts with animal tissues supplied by USDA-inspected facilities.
  • These ingredients are hydrolyzed or “digested” to break down the animal protein into smaller moleculesin a
  • manner similar to digestion in the body.
  • The resulting digest is in a liquid, but can also be made into a paste or powder.


Animal digest boosts pet foods’ flavour


  • Animal digest is extremely palatable and is commonly used as a palatability enhancer (e.g., boosts the food’s flavour) in pet foods.
  • Animal digest is sprayed on dry kibble after it is extruded (or cooked) to significantly increase palatability.
  • Animal digest also provides small amounts of proteins and fats.



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