Why Grain?

Why Does Purina Believe in Grain?

Because We Believe in Nutrition that Delivers Results.

When you look at the research, the evidence stacks up that grains are nutritious and effective for your dog. Read about the new scientific study that supports our belief that grains are good for dogs. But first, what does results-driven nutrition mean?

Grains are Beneficial
for Dogs

  • Because of our decades of nutrition research, we’ve seen evidence that nutritious grains like corn produce positive outcomes in dogs. Pound for pound, nutritious grains deliver more complete nutrition than the ingredients that brands typically use to substitute for grains, like potatoes.
  • When it comes to the nutrients dogs need, grains deliver. They provide antioxidants, energy-rich carbohydrate and fiber to promote digestion.

Grains are team players. Our long-term research has shown that grains like corn are key for helping dogs digest other nutrients in their foods.

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