Why Purina

Over 80 Years of Providing Nutritious Food for Pets. We Study Outcomes in Real Pets, Not Just what Looks Good on a Label. We look for positive results to make sure our formulas benefit real pets’ health, digestion, energy-levels and ability to live a happy, healthy life. We Start with Nutrients, Not Ingredients. When we formulate our products, we don’t start by prioritizing ingredients that are popular. Instead, we study the nutrients that pets need, and then look to nature for the best ingredients to deliver on them. We Don’t Look at Ingredients in a Vacuum. We know that even the best ingredients aren’t as effective if they’re not blended in concert with other ingredients that make the meal as nutritious and digestible as possible. That’s why we study how ingredients work together, and use the best team players in our formulas. All Pets Should Have Access to Complete Nutrition What’s the point of making better pet food if more pets don’t get to eat it? We believe game-changing nutrition should be available for pets everywhere. That’s why we offer a wide range of products that allows pet owners to choose a food that’s right for their pet. We want every pet owner to feel confident that their pet food meets or exceeds state and federal regulatory standards – but we also want every pet owner to feel confident they’ve made the right choice. That Means Shelter Pets Too We’re equally passionate about pets that are still waiting for loving homes. That’s why in 2011 we donated Purina pet food to over 1800 shelters and rescues in North America. Nourishing Pets. Enriching Lives. At Purina, we believe in creating food that nourishes the whole pet, from giving them energy to chase a ball or conquer a feather to providing them with cutting edge nutrition that gives them more healthy, happy years with you. The bonds we have with our pets nourish their lives as well as yours – that’s why we’re always working hard to push pet nutrition forward. Our team of over 400 scientists, including pet nutrition experts aim to make discoveries that better the lives of pets everywhere, and conduct extensive, non-invasive studies to see how our formulas affect pets not just in the present, but for years to come. Pet lovers themselves, they know how it feels to want the very best for your pet.