Kitten Care

Owning a kitten is a big adventure - if you’re ready for it. Learn more about bringing your kitten home, choosing the right food, and caring for your kitten.

You want to make sure you are prepared for any situation to become a great parent for your new kitten. Learn more about indoor and outdoor breeds, the litter box, getting your home ready and introducing your kitten to new friends.

Learn about selecting veterinarians, pet insurance, signs of illness and travelling tips to provide you with the basic training needed to help you better understand and care for your kitten.

Kittens can have aggressive behavior because they act on instinct. Learn how to carefully deal with aggressive behavior and improving it. Being gentle with your response to her behaviour will positively affect her habits for life.

The first year is critical to your kitten’s development, and choosing the right food is important. Your kitten needs the right nutrition for strong bones and teeth, development of body functions, clear eyes and a healthy coat.

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