Health & Care

Learn about selecting veterinarians, pet insurance, signs of illness and travelling tips to provide you with the basic training needed to help you better understand and care for your kitten.

Cat-specific Questions

Cat-specific Questions

Travelling and Boarding

Are you and your kitten ready to hit the road? Travelling with a pet can be exciting, but it also takes careful planning and preparation. If you'll be gone for longer than a day or two, make a careful supply checklist for your cat.

Internal and External Parasites

Parasite checks must be conducted early and often, since mother cats can transmit parasites to their kittens. Parasites are organisms that can live in or on another living thing.

Signs of Illness

Even with good care, your kitten may not always be in the best of health. She may have a flurry of sneezes or a coughing spell. She may vomit occasionally, even if she is not seriously ill. But if these symptoms persist, don’t ignore them. Take her to the veterinarian right away.