Kitten Prep

You want to make sure you are prepared for any situation to become a great parent for your new kitten. Learn more about indoor and outdoor breeds, the litter box, getting your home ready and introducing your kitten to new friends.

Common Cat Characteristics- Curiosity, Purring, Kneading and Claw "Sharpening"

The house cat – whether purebred or mixed breed – has many characteristics in common with her wilder cousins such as the ocelot, lynx or leopard. You only have to watch a cat pouncing on a moving leaf to recognize the similarity between her and a tiger pouncing on her unfortunate prey in the wild.

What Makes a Cat Unique?

A cat's bone structure is one of her unique characteristics. Although humans are more than fifteen times the size of a cat, a cat has more bones in her body: 244 bones compared to 206 in humans.

IDs and Microchip

In case your kitten ever strays, she should always have proper identification.

Early Socialization With Children and Pets

To raise a kitten that’s friendly and less afraid of strangers, it’s important to introduce her to other adults. Allow for a period of adjustment and observe her carefully. Teach friends the proper way to pick her up and hold her.

Learning About the Litter Box

Litter box training should be easy for you and your kitten. Most kittens naturally feel the urge to dig in substrate material (such as litter box filler) as early as four weeks. If you interfere with your kitten while she’s in her litter box, she may develop an aversion to using it.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Debate

The indoor-outdoor cat debate has been going on for what seems like forever. Some cat owners feel it is natural for cats to play outdoors. Other cat owners firmly believe there are far too many hidden dangers that lurk, and it is not safe for cats to be wandering the streets.

When and How to Bring a Kitten Home

The best age to bring a kitten home is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Introducing a kitten to a new environment after 12 weeks may be more difficult to manage.

Selecting and Naming Your Kitten

Purebred vs. mixed-breed is one of the first things to consider when getting a kitten. The greatest advantage of choosing a purebred kitten is that their appearance and, to a lesser degree, personality, is likely to fit the breed profile.

A Brief History of Cats

Cats have shared a home with humans for thousands of years. No one is sure when cats became pets, but evidence points to around 1600 B.C.. Through the years, cats have been valued for their skill as hunters, as well as for their beauty and grace.