Best Toys for Playing With Cats

Your kitten is curious, frisky, and full of life. Sometimes it may be hard to tell whether she’s being playful or aggressive. She may stalk and pounce on unsuspecting toys or scraps of paper. Don’t worry; she’s just exercising her natural predatory instincts in a harmless — and often amusing — manner.

Just be sure to provide her with the appropriate toys so she can act out these instincts on inanimate objects instead of her housemates. Enhance her playtime with wads of paper, ping-pong balls, or kitten fishing toys, and avoid anything that can be shredded, shattered, or swallowed. Also, never offer up your hands, fingers, feet, or clothing as playthings. This will only encourage aggressive behaviour. When you’re playing together, stick to safe kitten toys and you’re both sure to have lots of fun.