Cat Nutrition Needs by Life Stage

How do I know what product to use for my pet?

Determine the specific needs of your pet (i.e., puppy, kitten, adult, senior, urinary tract maintenance, hairball control, etc.). Feed a 100% complete and balanced product formulated for the specific development needs of your pet. Check the AFFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) on the product label that indicates the specific life stage the product is formulated for.


At this key developmental stage in a cat’s life, your pet needs special nutrient blends that include DHA to support proper vision and brain development.


Our foods contain nutrient and energy levels designed to help keep your cat in ideal body condition, when fed properly, with a glossy coat and plenty of energy.


Between the ages of seven and eleven, your cat will begin to enter her senior years. The transition from adult to senior feline isn’t usually noticeable on the outside, but on the inside, things may be starting to slow down. This is the time to consider switching your cat from a maintenance (mature or adult) diet to a senior formula that has fewer calories and less fat.

When is my kitten “full-grown” and able to eat an adult pet food product?

A kitten should be fed a kitten formula until the kitten is one year old. Then, you may make a gradual diet change to an adult cat food. Read further o learn how to feed your cat through her life stages as a kitten, as an adult, and as a pregnant or lactating mother.

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