Guidelines for Playtime with Your Cat

Play With Purpose

We believe play isn’t just fun – it can accomplish something! To make playtime mean more, think of your cat’s natural talents and encourage them. Cats love to chase and pounce, as well as jump to high areas and hide in holes or under objects.

Choisir l’enrichissement au lieu du stress


A session of purposeful play can introduce your cat to novelty and enrichment, like new smells, a variety of new textures, or new toys, that can offer her unique and beneficial challenges when they’re not presented in an overwhelming manner.

Usually, play is beneficial, although play that’s too aggressive or that lasts for too long can lead to overstimulation. A good tip is to end a play session while your cat is still having a great time. This leaves her excited for her next session, rather than exhausted.

Remember: Keep Your Cat’s Age and Health in Mind

As you play with your cat, consider her needs and physical condition. An older cat may not be able to jump to a high shelf on a cat tree, or may show less interest in toys and pouncing.Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your cat gets the most out of your playtime.

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