How to Train Your Cat with a Clicker Device

Some veterinarians and behaviourists recommend clicker training for cats. With the aid of a small “clicker” device, which you click audibly when the cat performs the desired task, a cat can learn quite a few commands. The first step is to cause the cat to associate the clicker with something positive. Get your cat’s attention, click the device, and then reward the cat with a small piece of food or a treat. (Make sure to account for these treats and food in your cat’s normal nutritional allowance for the day.) When your cat associates the sound of the clicker with something positive, she’s ready to start clicker training to learn commands. Any time a cat demonstrates the desired behaviour, click the clicker while the behaviour is occurring. Only click once for each time the cat is successful. Too much clicking is confusing for the cat. At the beginning you will have to use the clicker and the food rewards. Eventually, just the sound of the clicker will be enough to act as a reward.