Litter Box Fillers 101

How Much Filler Should You Use?

Maintain a depth of about three inches in adult litter boxes. Kittens will need less.

Switching Fillers

At first, your cat may reject any change of filler brand because it smells and feels different. To reduce stress and confusion, ease your cat into the new brand slowly. Begin by mixing one-third of the new filler with two-thirds of the old. Then, gradually increase the amount of the new brand until the switch is complete.

What is the difference between conventional and scoop litter products?

Check the product label to determine whether the product is a conventional or scoop-type product. Conventional products do not always use the word conventional on their label. However, scoop or clumping products will state this on their package.

Conventional litter:

  • Package does not always state the word “conventional” on label
  • Will not clump; it will only absorb your cat’s urine
  • Has a large granule
  • Maintenance requires you to scoop out your cat’s fecal matter and stir the remaining litter in the litter box at least once a day and completely change the litter box weekly

Scooping or clumping litter:

  • Package states the word “scoop” or “clumping” on label
  • Will clump to your cat’s urine
  • Has a fine granule and less tracking
  • Maintenance requires you to scoop out the urine and fecal matter at least daily and completely change your cat’s litter box monthly

If I change litter types, should I mix the products together for a while?

Yes, just like when changing to a new pet food. You will need to gradually introduce a new litter product to your pet. Timeframe will vary depending on type of litter so check the package for appropriate directions

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