Litter Box Training

Cats are not born knowing how to use a litter box, and so you need to train them if they haven’t already learned from their littermates. Begin by watching your cat closely. When she starts squatting or nosing around in corners, place her in the litter box. Gently scratch her front paws in the filler, so she realizes this is a good place for depositing and covering waste. Most cats catch on very quickly, but should your cat have an accident, wipe it up with a paper towel and place the towel in the litter box. Next, put the cat back in the litter box, scratching her front paws in the filler to reinforce the notion that this is where waste belongs. Remember: punishing your cat for having an accident won’t help her learn to use the litter box any faster. It will only teach her not to eliminate in front of you.

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