When and How to Bring a Kitten Home

The best age to bring a kitten home is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Introducing a kitten to a new environment after 12 weeks may be more difficult to manage. Your kitten will need time to adjust to its new home. It’s the first step in getting off to a positive start.

Bring your new pet home in a cat carrier to familiarize your kitten to this useful tool early. Cat carriers become a safe and familiar place for your kitten when visiting the veterinarian or traveling. They can also help keep your curious kitten out of trouble.

Prepare For Your Kitten’s Arrival

So what makes the best set-up? Place your kitten in a small, quiet spot with food and a litter box. As your kitten’s comfort grows, you can gradually allow her access to other rooms in the house. Talk quietly to your kitten and gently pet her. Set a regular time and place for feeding your kitten.