When You Should (and Shouldn’t) Give Your Cat a Bath

In general, you should not have to bathe your cat, as they are very good at keeping themselves clean. However, should bathing be necessary, use only warm water and mild soap, preferably a cat shampoo. Rinse your cat thoroughly, dry her well with towels, and keep her away from drafts until fully dried and fluffy as cats can easily catch cold. If possible, use two tubs or a double sink to speed up the bathing process.

Reasons you might need to bathe your cat include:

  • Poison on her fur
  • She’s not taking care of her coat as she should
  • You are allergic and need to minimize allergens
  • You are about to show your cat
  • She needs a flea, tick, or lice dip

Bad weather has left her unusually dirty

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