Your Kitten’s Communication Decoded

Did you hear that? Your kitten is telling you something – though you won’t know what it is until you learn to speak her language. Here are some body language basics:

  • Your kitten will “talk” (meow) when she’s lonely, anxious, bored, or otherwise trying to get your attention.
  • If she purrs, it usually means she’s happy or relaxed.
  • When she hisses, it often means she’s angry.
  • A relaxed, gently swishing kitty tail signifies pleasure.
  • If her tail is lashing from side to side, watch out! This usually indicates anger.
  • If her tail is pointing straight up with just the tip turned over, your kitten is content.
  • When her ears are pricked forward, she’s likely curious.
  • If they’re flexed back, then she’s probably anxious or afraid.

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