Choosing The Right Food

Weight Gain

Is your dog getting chubbier as he ages? You might be the last to notice.

Dog Food Formulas for Special Needs

Specialized dog food formulas may be able to assist in managing health issues such as a sensitive stomach or excessive weight gain. Consult your veterinarian to discuss what’s best for your pet.

Feeding Hardworking Dogs

The more active your dog is, the more nutrition he’ll require. Hardworking dogs include those used for hunting, herding sheep, or sled dog racing, as well as those who routinely run long distances (greater than 20 miles per week).

How Much to Feed Your Dog

All of our products come with feeding instructions to help you feed your dog depending on his size. Consult your veterinarian should your dog have additional dietary requirements.

Food Needs by Life Stage

The food you feed should be based on age of the dog, weight and any health requirements discussed with your veterinarian.

Choosing the Right Food

Dog’s age and size are few factors to consider when choosing pet food – first things first is determining your dog’s specific needs.