Care & Safety

5 Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Spooky ghosts and goblins knocking at your door might not only be frightening for us, but for our pets too! Our trusted Purina experts and veterinarians, shared their top 5 tips to keep your dog or cat safe this Halloween.

Dressing Your Dog for Winter

Although it may be fun to play in the snow with our pets, it’s important to keep in mind how cold it is outside. The windchill can be harmful and some dogs –especially short-haired, can be more susceptible to the cold than others.

Car Safety Tips When Travelling with a Dog

Safety measures are as essential for your pet as they are to anyone else riding in a car.

Microchip ID Tags for Pets

Microchips and ID tags are inserted by a vetrinarian in a capsule under the skin between the shoulder blades. If your pet gets lost, the chip can be scanned for identification.

Coat Grooming

To make sure your puppy always looks as cute as he did the day you brought him home, make sure you buy grooming supplies that are well-suited to his particular coat.

Dental Care Maintenance for Dogs

Dental treats, dog toothbrushes and toothpaste flavoured in chicken and other dog-friendly varieties will help you maintain your dog’s oral health.

How To Administer Medication To Your Dog

Giving your dog medication can be as simple as slipping it into a bit of food or disguised in their favourite treat.