Your Dog Friendly Home

How to Introduce Cats & Dogs

While early socialization with one another is key, simple commands to your dog such as “gentle” can help them undersatand how to act around eachother.

Introducing a New Dog to Your Resident Dog

Temptation lurks in the form of a sweet fuzzy face and deep brown eyes, and suddenly you're contemplating adding to your canine brood. Should you? If you do, how do you introduce the two? First, do your homework.

Doggy Doors

Considering a doggy door? There are makes of doors to fit into sliding doors, walls, windows or existing doors.

Dogs and Apartments

Size is an obvious consideration, not only of the breed and your apartment, but also of the space you have available outside where you will be walking and playing with your puppy.

Ultimate New Puppy Checklist

Being prepared means you and your puppy will have more time to bond. Check out our list of everything you’ll need (and why).

Plants that are Poisonus to Your Dog

Common houseplants including ivy, azalea and many more can be deadly to dogs and should be removed or placed in a safe spot far from your dog’s reach.