Basic Training

Teaching Your Dog to “Come” To You

Ethusiatic praise and loads of encouragement are just a few ways to telp your dog learn the “come” command.

Teaching Your Dog How to “Stay”

Teaching your dog to ‘Stay’ can be incredibly useful. It’s best to learn the ‘Sit’ command first, as this is effectively an extension of that technique.

How to Teach Your Dog the “Down” Command

See the simple ways you can approach getting your dog use to the “down” command.

Teaching Your Dog “Sit” and “Off”

“Sit” and “off” are two commands that you want your dog to understand as soon as possible. Here are a few tips.

How to Teach Your Dog to Heel

Begin your walk by telling your dog to "heel"; use his name first to get his attention and be very enthusiastic as you give the command.

Getting Started with Leash Training

As you walk your dog, train him to walk at your side. It’s important to control him so that he won’t jump on children, other dogs or adults, frightening or possibly injuring them.