Understanding Dog Body Language

As you share your life with your dog, experiencing everything from cozy nights in to road trips, you can learn to better understand dog body language with these tips. After all, your dog does talk to you (in his own way) and understanding what he means can make your relationship even more special.

Tips to Tackle Begging and Whining for Food

Begging may be endearing at first, but when your puppy grows to adulthood it loses its charm. The easiest way to avoid whining and begging is to never to feed your dog from the table.

The Deal With Digging

The causes behind digging may vary, but there a few great ways stop it. If you want to redirect your puppy's digging behaviour rather than discourage the behaviour, give him his own area for digging.

Breaking Your Puppy’s Chewing Habits

Try using a designated chew toy to help your puppy’s unwanted chewing.

Help Your Dog Overcome Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety results when a dog has difficulty coping with his new environment and routine. He clings to you—his pack leader—and panics if you’re not around.

Running Astray

Does your dog bolt out of the door every chance he gets? Try leashing your dog when you’re expecting company, and practice sitting in front of the door calmly.

How to Deal With Your Dog’s Fears

Stormy weather and thunder can be scary for a dog. Try distraction techniques, or desensitizing them to storms when they are a puppy.

Tips to Correct Leash-Pulling, Excessive Barking and More

If your dog is exhibiting not-so-great behaviours like leash pulling, excessive barking and digging, try these tips.

Interpreting Your Dog’s Body Language

Like humans, dog can communicate their moods through body language. If he’s fearful, his tail will often be crouched under his legs, if he’s playful, his rear and tail will be in the air. Find out more!