Are You Ready?

Owning a puppy is a big adventure – if you’re ready for it. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

Can I afford it?

Puppies don’t have to cost a lot, but you’ll need to budget for food, veterinary and vaccination bills, supplies (like collars, leashes, treats, and toys), and the potential cost of training – everybody loves a good doggie! Also consider what happens when you go on vacation – do you bring him with you, hire a sitter or use a kennel?

Do I have the time?

Expect to devote several hours a day to playing, training, caring, and just being around a new puppy. Prepare to spend time every day with your adult dog too. Puppies need to be fed three times a day and walked every day, rain or shine. They also need to learn how to behave around people and other dogs, so you may need to spend time on training. Some breeders might not sell you a particular breed of puppy if he will be left at home alone every day.

Do I have enough space?
Dogs need room to play and exercise, even if it’s a public park. Active dogs need a lot more room, and even though large dogs can live in apartments, you both may feel cramped. Choose a breed that not only fits your lifestyle, but also fits your living space when he is full-grown.