Car Safety Tips When Travelling with a Dog

How can I keep my puppy safe in the car?

Safety measures are as essential for your puppy as they are to anyone else riding in a car. In an accident, puppies, like unrestrained small children, can become projectiles. Never, ever throw your puppy in the back of the car or a truck without some kind of safety belt. Safety belts for pets are available. Essentially, they are a harness with an extra strap that attaches to the safety belt in the car. Another option is using a secured crate.

Be very careful when travelling with your dog in the summer. A car can heat up very quickly when closed even for a few minutes. So leave your pet at home.

Some puppies get carsick. Motion sickness is caused by the upsetting of the fluid in the inner ear that is responsible for balance, just as it is for humans. However, some pets are just scared of the car. Desensitization may help, but some may need anti-nausea medication. If your puppy drools excessively or if you suspect he’s nauseated, stop the car periodically and let your puppy get out for a short walk. If your puppy is anxiety-ridden, make the car a fun place. Spend a little time playing with your puppy, petting him and giving a treat before you start the car. Then go for a short drive. Slowly increase the time in the car, and then go somewhere fun. Your puppy will learn to associate the car with going a place he’ll enjoy