Doggy Doors

Do I need a puppy door?

Puppy doors make it easy for your puppy to move in and around your house as he pleases. He may not get how it works right away, but after a few training sessions he’ll be in and out in no time.

There are makes of puppy doors to fit into sliding doors, walls, windows or existing doors. Some offer weather seals and locking kits, others have motorized doors or a one-way feature that will let your puppy in but not out. Most are made of vinyl or heavy-duty plastic.

You will want to check with your neighbours to make sure your puppy isn’t becoming a nuisance, and most important, you need to make sure your gate is always locked.

Whichever model or style you choose, look for those with self-sealing edges and some kind of closure or locking system. Without a lock, your puppy door is an open invitation to any creature small enough to use it – raccoons, squirrels, your neighbour’s cat or even your neighbour’s children. And be careful where you put your puppy door (think muddy paws).