Giving Medication

If your veterinarian prescribes pills or liquid medication, give it to your puppy directly. Do not try to mix it with his food. Most dogs can sense when something unwanted has been added to their food and will leave the medicine untouched. Whenever you administer medical treatment, stay calm, be patient and speak reassuringly to your puppy.

Giving a Pill

To give a pill, wrap one hand over your puppy’s muzzle and lift his head up with your thumb and forefinger on either side of the upper lips. With the other hand, gently but firmly pull down his jaw and place the pill at the very back of his tongue. Close his mouth and hold it shut. Firmly stroke downward along his throat until he swallows.

Giving Liquid Medication

To give liquid medication, gently tilt back your puppy’s head. Slowly place the medication into the pouch formed by the puppy’s cheek and teeth. Encourage him to swallow by stroking his throat.