How to Deal With Your Dog’s Fears

Fear of Thunder

Dogs are commonly afraid of thunder. Observe his behaviour in order to determine where he’s comfortable and feels safe. Then attempt to comfort him.

You could also try distracting your dog by inviting him to do something else, and praise him when he follows suit. Just make sure your dog is in a safe spot away from windows and other glass—you don’t want his training to lead to an injury.

For the really terrified pet, consult your veterinarian for medications that can be used during a thunderstorm.

Don’t know why puppy hides under the bed during stormy weather?

Some puppies are afraid of storms, some aren’t. If your puppy is, he’s not trying to manipulate you or stay up late. He’s just afraid. Think about it. A sudden window rattling and a booming noise occurs with no warning. It’s louder to him than it is to you, and your puppy can’t understand what’s happening. If you put him in a room of his own or in his crate by himself, this will offer security. Turn on a radio or television to distract him from the noise and praise him ONLY when he is calm. Play games, do some training, or let him sleep near you – do whatever works to reassure him. Creating a positive memory during a storm will alleviate some of his fears.

It is possible to desensitize your puppy to the sound of storms. Record the noise from a storm or use pre-recorded sounds. During a training session, play the sound in the background while you give your puppy a treat. Over time, inch up the volume. Eventually, your puppy will associate the sound with something good and the fear will disappear.

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