Introducing Your Puppy to Children

Most children love puppies and vice versa. But it’s important to teach your children about proper animal care. Introduce your puppy to children gradually, for short periods of time. Children must understand that your puppy is a sensitive, living creature. They must learn not to pull the puppy’s tail or ears, squeeze or poke him, make loud, threatening noises, or move toward him too rapidly.

Explain to your children that to a puppy even a small child looks like a giant. If he’s frightened by a child, he might try to bite in order to protect himself. A good way for both children and adults to play with a small puppy is to get down on the floor at his level to make him feel more secure. Children should be supervised by an adult when interacting with the new puppy. Older children can be given certain responsibilities in the care and training of the puppy, but be sure to follow up so you know responsibilities are being met.