Introducing your Puppy to His New Home and Family

Your puppy looks to you for direction, comfort and protection. Everything is new, so he may not be playful and frisky at first. Give him time, be patient, and talk to him. Puppies may not know people vocabulary, but they soon learn to respond to your voice and commands. Speak to him gently and always treat him kindly. Introduce your puppy to his area as soon as you bring him home. Put his toys in his crate and show him where his food and water bowls are. Your puppy will soon know which special little corner of your house is his.

Respect his right to be undisturbed while he is resting, sleeping or eating. Your puppy will probably be homesick for a night or two, so don’t be surprised if he whimpers or cries at bedtime or mealtime. Remember, he has just been taken away from his mother and littermates.

Avoid rowdy play and rough handling. Let your puppy make his own advances. It may be days before he feels at home and wants to play. Don’t overtire your puppy. Play with him, but give him plenty of time for naps.

Be sure to show all family members the proper way to pick up and hold your puppy: place one hand under his hindquarters and the other under his chest. Never pick him up by his front paws or by the scruff of his neck.