Running Astray

You open the door to the house and your dog is off like a bullet. You can only watch helplessly as he bolts into thestreet or front yard. All you hope for is that he hasn’t hurt himself or one of your neighbours. Sound familiar? Don’t despair. With patience, you can transform your dog into a model canine.

  • Leash your dog and sit him down in front of a closed door.
  • Tell him to “Stay,” and start opening the door.
  • When he starts to get up, close the door and return him to the exact spot where you gave the command.
  • Continue until he begins to get the message.
  • Practice until you can open the door all the way before closing again.
  • Each time you let your dog out, make him sit while you open the door, and stay put until you give him the release command.
  • Reward your dog’s good behaviour.