The Deal With Digging

The hole truth – what’s the deal with digging?

Nature dictates digging. Your puppy may smell something he wants to investigate, especially if your puppy is a sporting or terrier breed. These breeds were designed to smell and go after vermin, such as moles. This is a hardwired behaviour based on what your puppy’s breed was originally intended to do.

Or, your puppy may just be looking for a cool spot to lie down, especially if you live in a warm climate with a Nordic breed, such as a Husky. Puppies may also dig to release energy or relieve boredom. Make sure you set aside some time each day to spend with your puppy to develop good habits and keep him occupied.

It is not uncommon for puppies to imitate a behaviour they have seen. He may have seen you digging or planting in a flowerbed and want to imitate you, so leave your puppy inside while you’re working. If he doesn’t see you, he won’t think it’s okay to dig where you did.

If you want to redirect your puppy’s digging behaviour rather than discourage the behaviour, give him his own area for digging. Build your puppy his own sandbox in the shade. Hide some of his chew bones or washable toys just beneath the surface, and praise him when he begins digging and finds his treasure. When you make time each and every day to exercise with your puppy and develop communication through training, you will both benefit from these sessions.