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You love your pets and want a safe and clean environment where you can play together for years to come. So do we. That’s why Purina is committed to the quality, safety and health of our pets as well as to our planet.

When it comes to sustainable business practices, we source ingredients responsibly, continuously work to reduce our energy, water, and waste from our operations, optimize our packaging and transport our products using highly efficient methods.


We Have Big Global Sustainability Goals for 2020

Sustainability - Zero Waste To Landfill
Sustainability - Water Reduction
Sustainability - Greenhouse gases

Nestlé Purina believes corporate sustainability means we need to do our part to reduce our environmental impact every day. To support Nestle’s Global goals, at Purina Headquarters and across our 20+ manufacturing facilities in North America, we’re taking positive steps to be good stewards of the water we use, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimize waste. Here’s what we’re working towards:

Zero Waste In 2020


We’ve committed to sending zero waste to landfills, and we’ve made great progress toward this commitment.

Sustainability - Waste Reduction Infographic
At the end of 2017, 75% of Purina facilities achieved zero waste to landfill.

Water Stewardship

Sustainability - Water Reduction Hero

We continuously promote responsible water stewardship in and around our factories, efficient water use in manufacturing and effective treatment of the water we discharge - all to preserve the right to clean water for our communities.

Sustainability water reduction
We’re contributing toward Nestle’s global goal to improve water use efficiency per ton of product to achieve an overall reduction of 35% by 2020.

Reduction in Greenhouse Gases

Sustainability - Green Trees hero
Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 35% for 2020 means we need to use cleaner
fuels and continually look for ways to source renewable electricity.


Sustainability packaging

We pride ourselves on using packaging that maintains the integrity of our products while also having a low impact on the environment. Recycling 75% of all aluminum cans would keep 11.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.

Purina’s wet food can products are made from either aluminum or steel (“tin”), which makes them easily recyclable. While both metals are recyclable, aluminum can be recycled endlessly resulting in a huge decrease in waste that ends up in landfills.


“I dare you to think bigger,
to act bigger, and to be bigger.”

— William Danforth, Purina Founder





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