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Get Personalized Pet Food Recommendations

If you are wondering what’s right for a new pet, or your dog or cat is a picky eater, Dani and the Pet Food Finder tool can help you find the best food for your pet.

The Purina Pet Food Finder Experience

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Intelligent Breed Identification

While guiding you through the experience, Dani can identify your pet’s breed simply by seeing a photo, if you choose to upload one. Knowing your pet’s breed will help determine its nutritional needs.

Customized Product Recommendation

Using Purina’s deep knowledge of pet food nutrition and info about your dog or cat, such as breed, weight, and activity level, Dani and the Pet Food Finder will recommend the best Purina products for your puppy, kitten, adult or senior dog or cat.

Pet Food Finder Guide

Personalized Pet Feeding Guide

You will receive a free personalized dog or cat feeding guide that is customized to your pet’s unique profile and the food you select. Even if it’s the food your pet already eats, you can receive this personalized feeding guide without making a purchase.

No Purchase Necessary – Try It Today!

The Purina Pet Food Finder is a free, fun-to-use tool to help you find the best food for your cat or dog, and there’s no obligation to buy anything. You’ll even receive the customized feeding guide almost instantly for any food you choose, even if it’s one your pet already eats.